Month: November 2012

Hello World

This is not only my first post, but also my first 5 minutes of blogging so let’s see how it goes:

As you might have been able to tell by the monkeys, rabbit holes and “hello world”, I’m a software developer. At the moment I work for an international publishing company writing websites, enterprise backend content management systems, report generation tools, etc, etc, blah blah usual stuff. I’ve also been lucky (or unlucky at times) to get involved with the architecture and infrastructure side of things and have been messing around with very nice continuous integration and deployment tools and also AWS and cloud based infrastructure which is all a little bit awesome.

I’ve only been a professional developer for 3 years, but so far most things seem to end up as surreal trips down metaphorical technical rabbit holes, whether it’s debugging some hideous legacy code that wouldn’t know a unit test if one jumped up and mocked out its genitals, or trying to install some crazy tool on an EC2 Linux box over ssh, they inevitably turn into frustrating (then rewarding) ‘adventures’ into the unknown (buy unknown I mean, the command line, stack overflow, and Google).

The idea behind this blog is baisically for me to keep track of some of these abventures in a format that’s a bit less restrictive than Stack Overflow (BTW, if you’re a developer and you don’t know what stack overflow is, go there NOW) and also to open up another avenue to find them. I guess it’ll probably be stuff about specific problems with code and tools etc, but also comparisons and ‘interesting things’ about tools, libraries, languages, OSs, etc, and maybe even some stuff about normal human things as well, who knows!!

So if you happen to stumble this way and get something out of it (unlikely, but shit happens) then that’s a bonus!!